Peppermint Bark

Ever had Peppermint Bark? It's insanely good... and insanely easy to make.

When making Peppermint Bark, this is my favorite candy base and this is my favorite peppermint candy. Don't worry that the base says "almond" because it doesn't taste like almond... in fact, it tastes like vanilla. And don't worry that the mints say "soft" because they're not... in fact, they're pretty hard but unlike traditional candy canes these are more like melt-always. So the "almond" bark tastes like vanilla and the soft peppermints are hard. Eh, go figure... just find your zen-like space and go with the flow baby... I promise you, it'll be worth it once you taste the bark.
Anyway, all you need is the bark, a microwave, a piece of wax paper on a cookie sheet and the soft peppermints.

Crush up some of the peppermint sticks... and set aside for now. Melt some of the bark in the microwave (specific directions are on the package - I just use the MELT setting on my microwave) and add a good amount of the crushed peppermints to it. Now mix it all up, pour it out on the piece of wax paper on the cookie sheet and use a spatula to spread it out. Top with more crushed peppermints.

Now at this point, I stick it in the fridge to set since I'm a rather impatient kind of repressed pastry chef .

Once it's set, use your hands to break it up, pop a piece in your mouth and shout WOOHOO knowing that you just made Peppermint Bark!