Happy Friday!!!


Yes, my dears... it is Friday. We made it thru another work-week. WOOHOO!!!

This afternoon I decided to whip out an unfrosted mini cupcake, slap some buttercream frosting on it and have myself a lil "Woohoo It's Friday" treat. That's an easy thing to do in the repressed pastry chef kitchen since I usually bake a batch of mini cupcakes, leave em nekkid, store in an airtight container and toss em in the fridge. I make buttercream frosting by the batch (yeah, okay, by the BIG batch! LOL) and keep it in the fridge too. That way I can assemble and treat myself any time I want :) I know just how many Weight Watchers points I'm consuming for each one too... so I figure it in to my daily points total and as fast as you can say yippy-skippy I'm enjoying a lil treat :)

So today, I thought my lil cupcake looked a bit... well... "under-dressed", shall we say. I mean, it's pretty and all just having beautiful white buttercream on a cupcake but I felt since this is Friday, I'd jazz it up a bit. I took my lovely cupcake, rolled it in same pink sanding sugar and just like any proud mamma, proclaimed out loud "awwww she looks just like a pink cloud".

But could I stop there? Whoa-no! I always have some decorations on hand just-in-case the repressed pastry chef in me decides it's time to come out of hiding :) I wish I had some silver dragees on hand (ya know... the lil silver decorating balls that are the size of teeny tiny bb's) but living in California, those are illegal. Yes, lovies, you heard me right... silver dragees are illegal in the great state of California. They can't sell them here... sellers in other states won't ship them here. Not even ebay sellers (who are notorious for looking the other way on most things) will ship them to a California address (oh, not that I'd, like, ya know, know or anything! heh heh heh!).

Seems the lawyers felt it was a good use of their time to file lawsuits and what not to make the sale of silver dragees illegal in California because of the hazard the minute amount of silver they contain. I guess the FDA warning about them being "for decorative purposes only, not for human consumption" (or however the heck it's worded) was good enough for other states but not for good ol California.

In a word... WHATEVER!

Okay, illegal for sale in California... illegal for a seller to ship them to California... but... what if you live in California and a friend out of state just happened to send them to you for being a wonderful person. What if you were visiting another state, found them in a store and brought them back with you when you returned to California. Nothing unlawful about that.... right???? (gears spinning in motion)

So, as an alternative I found some silver coated chocolate candies. Definitely not the same thing but eh, they'll do in a pinch. But... but... but they're awfully big and no where near as delicate as my precious silver dragees. Back when the repressed pastry chef lived in Washington DC (I miss it soooooo much) and had a home-based part-time business doing custom cakes, I used them all the time. They're just so beautiful, so elegant, so (dare I say it) so Martha Stewart!!!

{insert big ol sigh, here} One day... I'll be able to decorate with my precious little silver dragees... but until then, this lil silver coated chocolate candy will have to do.

Have a great weekend :)