On Your Mark...

...get set...

... GO!!! ...

Welcome to my blog. My own little corner of the world.

Now what kind of host would I be if I didn't offer you something to drink. Care for a cuppa java... or a bottled water? Lemme know what I can getcha... I'm happy to oblige :)

By day... I'm an Engineer... trapped in the "Corporate America" subvulture (er... subculture heh heh) of posturing, politics and greed. But on my time, I love to cook but especially I love to bake! No haute cuisine comin outta my kitchen though... just food that tastes good - and hopefully looks good, too!

Cupcakes are my favorite - especially the mini ones (all the taste without blowin a whole day's worth of calories... that's what I say!!!) - but I'm totally into cookies, and pies and well, let's be honest here... all things sweet.

I'll share my baking adventures... and along the way more info than you probably care to know about my life and what goes on around me. I'm pretty opinionated... but don't let that turn you off else you'll miss some pretty kick-ass recipes! LOL

Let the fun begin!!