Ziploc Omelettes

While, admittedly, I'm a repressed pastry chef... and my passion strongly lies with all things sweet ... I do love to cook in general. What can I say? I love to know the meal being enjoyed was created by me. Not Betty Crocker, not Chef Boyardee, not even Mrs. Paul's. It was created by me!!!! I love to create food! It just thrills me to take various ingredients that on their own don't always amount to much and combine them together to turn out a specific dish or an entire meal =)

My husband DJ is a huge NASCAR fan. Living in Southern California we go to both NASCAR races held at California Speedway each year (Feb and Sept). This means we pack up the motorhome on a Wednesday and early early early Thursday morning ("early" like 3:30am early) we leave for the speedway where we have a front-row infield spot... and that's where we stay for the whole weekend until all the practices and races are over we pack up to return home. I honestly believe those two trips mean more to DJ than anything else we do all year. Personally, I don't get it... but him? He lives, eat, sleeps, breathes the stuff. He loves NASCAR... he could tell ya everything you never wanted to know about the sport. We usually have a big race-viewing party at our house for both the first race of the season (Daytona 500) and the last race as well. Last weekend was the Daytona 500... and that means we had our annual Daytona 500 race-viewing party.

Sure we had all the normal chips, dips, finger foods, etc that any "man party" should have cuz let's be honest, it is a man-party (as the sole female in attendance I was only there basically because it's my house! LOL). DJ's children requested both Oreo Truffles and Nutter Butter Truffles so being the fantabulous step-mommy I am, I made a big batch of each =) The kids loved em and surprisingly enough, the guys loved em even more! And you know I just love it when people love what I make. Brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. Yes indeedy the way to my heart is to appreciate my cooking =)

After a while I got a bit bored watching the cars driving around the track and
decided to make a couple of pizzas for the guys... cuz well, I was yanno bored and guys like to, yanno eat! LOL! Now I'll be honest and tell you, anything involving yeast makes me anxious. I'm comfortable with making just about anything else but ding-dang y'all... working with yeast makes me downright nervous! If the water temperature isn't juuuuuuust right the yeast simply won't do it's thang. But last Sunday I was victorious... not just once but twice! Both of my pizza dough balls rose like champs and I was able to roll them out and make two gorgeous lookin pizzas (wheat crust, turkey pepperoni, turkey sausage and fat free cheese... hey, gotta balance out the sweets somehow, right? LOL). And based on the way the guys responded, they thought those pizzas were good!!! {sniffle} you know that just warmed my heart and brought a tear to my eye... I was all choked up inside. It was absolutely a beautimous thing :)

This weekend is the "California 500" NASCAR race at California Speedway in Fontana, CA. That means it's time for us to pack up the motorhome and go. We leave tonight and I've already got most of our "provisions" (read: food-stuff) set. One thing I hate about this weekend is how it completely takes me out of the kitchen for 4 whole days in a row. Sure, I could try cooking in the motorhome but trust me when I say it's just so not worth it. First off I'd have to bring all my "stuff".... pots, pans, utensils, ingredients. That's a lot of stuff since I'd pretty much hafta bring, like, yanno, everything... cuz I most assuredly couldn't, like, yanno {gasp} plan ahead... heavens no! The RPC is very subject to whims... what I make is completely dependent on my mood... and how I feel... and what I've been thinking about... and pretty much what I just flat out feel like making at the particular time. And second off being in a motorhome on the infield of a motorsports race track, on dead grass, in row one of turn three is just plain dirty. It's dirty, it's dusty and the mere thought of cooking under such conditions just is completely unappealing to me. So scratch the idea of my doing any actual cooking this weekend. But I also won't go the route of eating four days of cold cereal, cold sandwiches, chips and soda either. Instead, we'll pack up our travel bbq and our fire pit so as easily as you can say Yes Siree Ricky Bobby we'll be grillin fo sho!!!! {insert Snoopy Dance here} Okay who am I kidding with "we"... the RPC does not "grill". But the good Lord saw fit to balancing out my pastry skills by blessing me with a husband who most definitely is The Grill Master and Fire God himself - woohoo :)

One thing I did test out a few weeks ago was the concept of making a Ziploc Omelette. Now hold on... before ya start thinking The Repressed Pastry Chef is now completely off her rocker let me assure you that omelettes are a big deal across the land. If you've ever been on a cruise ship or to a Sunday brunch buffet you know the longest lines are always at the omelette station. So popular are these items that often they'll have two stations dedicated solely to making omelettes. Now I like omelettes as much as the next person but dang if I'm standing my lazy self not just in a line but in a long line in order to have them. And truth be told, as much as I like them, I'm a bit too lazy to cook an omelette at home. {yawn}. But I came across a "recipe" for making an omelette in a ziploc bag and thought this would be a great thing to do when we go to the NASCAR races. I tried it out on DJ's daughter who is willing to get up extra early and stand herself in a long ol line at the omelette station. Her response? "This is GOOD... it's as good as any omelette I've ever had on a cruise ship OR at IHOP". Imagine that! She liked it... she really liked it!!! (whoops, sorry for channeling Sally Field for a moment there! hahahahaha!). Warmed my heart and brought a momentary tear to my eye as this child, who is definitely not one to throw around compliments haphazardly, waxed poetic about her meal. The Ziploc Omelette is very easy to make and being able to quickly and easily fix a hot breakfast when you're out camping is a good thing :)

Ziploc Omelette
1 ziploc bag (quart-sized, freezer bags work best)
2 eggs
whatever add-ins ya like (cheese, onions, ham, green peppers, etc)
whatever seasonings ya like (salt, pepper, etc)

DIRECTIONS: Crack two eggs into the ziploc bag. Shake the bag and squeeze it a few times to break up the eggs (so the egg and yolk are all mixed up, scrambled-like). Toss in your add-ins and your seasonings and shake it up so everything's mixed. Squeeze out the air then seal the bag. Place the bag in a pot of boiling water and boil for 13 minutes (not 12, not 14 but 13 minutes... and yes, set a timer so you know when 13 minutes is up). Remove the bag from the boiling water - and use caution because the bag will be hot and the contents will be hot as well. Open the bag and your omelette will slide right on outta the bag (and preferably onto a plate! LOL!).

Ding-dang y'all, as quick as you can say Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy you got your very own, customized omelette that you didn't have to wake up early, get all presentable and stand in a big ol long line for. If you want to see the step-by-step instructions that include pictures, check out the ChowTimes link above.

Early, early, early tomorrow morning (like 3am "early") I'll be takin off for 4 days at the NASCAR races so have yourselves a great weekend... and try the Ziploc Omelette... it's good =)

As that Good Ol Boy, Darryl Waltrip likes to say....

Boogity, boogity, boogity.... let's go racin, boys!!!