Basic Breakfast Potatoes

As I mentioned earlier... I'm busy today.  Real busy.  Very, very busy.  But as I was waiting for something to finish cooking in the oven, I started perusing the blogroll and came across something I just had to make.  Right. Now.  I had to.  It was calling out my name.

Last night DJ made a special dinner for DD's birthday.  She turns 15 on Wednesday but there's not enough time on a weeknight for him to make a full on dinner so he did it last night.  We had an enormous (like dinner-plate sized) baked potato leftover that no one touched.  DS and I split one so that's why there was an extra.  Anyway... I just put it in the fridge with no idea of what to do with it thinking... er hoping and praying... I'd find some inspiration somewhere for this lone gigantaur potato.

As I was cruisin the blogroll I read one of my faves... The Pioneer Woman.  She has a section with food and recipes and truth be told I just love love love LOVE her blog!  I clicked on the link figuring "heck, Ree never updates on weekends so what am I wasting my time for"... but today, Sunday, Ree did update... and I'm surely most definitely certain she updated just for moi :)

Get thee to her blog... and make this recipe.  I added some garlic, green onions and red pepper just cuz I have em and I like em... a lot.  Other than that, I followed her directions... and then... and then... and then... I had to write about it... quickly... because it was just that good!!!

I'm busy... very very busy... but I had to do a quick write up and post these pics because... uhm... well.... errrr.... uuuhhhh... I just had to!!!  And now just as much as I had to write this post... I have to get back to the other busy-ness of my day.  

Happy Happy!