Roast Chicken... and Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes

So what do Roast Chicken and Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes have in common, you ask?

Nada. Not. A. Thing. Unless you count the fact that I made both tonight :)

This afternoon I discovered that the sweet girl over at Musings of a Disillusioned Grad Student (love the title! LOL!) had included me on her blogroll. Woohoo :) Her post for yesterday concluded with the question "What's your favorite roast chicken recipe?". I had to think about... and I realized I didn't have one. But I posted a comment about how I **would** do it if I **were** to do it :) And in my thinking and writing about it, my tummy started grumbling... and after work I hit the market on the way home and picked up a whole chicken and decided I was gonna roast it :)

Now realize, this is something I've never done before. Never ever ever never have I bought a whole chicken. But I figured it can't be all that hard to make since other people do it all the time. Recall that way of thinking tends to get me in over my head, but hey, I bit the bullet, bought the chicken, brought it home and roasted it. And it was delish :)

I just removed the innards (I'm sure there's a technical name but "innards" works for me... does it work for you? good, I'm glad we agree {grin}), washed and dried the bird, rubbed it with olive oil, stuffed the cavity with sliced lemons, minced garlic, rosemary and capers... and then rubbed the outside with more rosemary and dusted with garlic powder, seasoning salt and fresh ground pepper. I took my Lodge Enamel on Cast Iron 5.5qt Dutch Oven, placed a small round rack inside, poured some water in the bottom, tossed in a slice of lemon then placed the bird in and put it in the oven. I let it cook for 40 minutes at 500F and then turned the temp down to 450 and cooked until the meat thermometer registered at least 170F (I did have to put an aluminum foil "tent" over it to prevent it from burning too quickly... and I did turn the bird after a while to ensure the other side browned as well).

And that was it... the result was an incredibly tasty roasted chicken :)

Tomorrow is DJ's daughter's b'day. I thought of some fancy, elaborate, gourmet cupcakes to make but that's not something she's into. She likes the "basic" stuff, nothing frou-frou or fancy. The easy solution was to bake Chocolate cupcakes and top them with chocolate fudge icing... that's about as basic as it gets if you ask me! LOL Just to dress them up a little bit, I cut out some letters from rolled fondant icing and added a few royal icing flowers for good measure. Pretty basic and pretty tasty.... uhm... well... I mean... not that I had any of course ;-)