Apologies... and appreciation

Dear readers... I'm sorry my formatting has been all caddywhampus the past couple of days. I didn't know it. Really I didn't :( I would've never left things that way if I knew. And I **really** appreciate that my dear friend Rich told me about it... so, in unison, let's all thank him. Ready? One... Two... Three...THANK YOU, RICH!!!

You see, I use a MacBook Pro... and I love it immensely. Really, I do! And sometimes HTML code and CSS tags and javascript... and even the blogger app itself... seem to run differently on a MAC vs. PC. DJ on the other hand, is a dedicated, life long, hard core PC man. Last year when I bought the MacBook, DJ disdainfully dubbed it "a foreign object" and begrudgingly he connected **the foreign object** to "his" network. I thanked him :) But that's as far as his dealing with **the foreign object** has gone since then.

I do most of my composing on my MacBook. That's **my** baby. My pictures are there, my software is there, everything I do is on my MacBook. I just realized I've never named my MacBook... but I should... I mean, I named my KitchenAid mixer (Lola) didn't I? I think I'll name my MacBook "Clyde". Yeah, "Clyde" is a good **work horse** name and Lord knows I use my MacBook for the heavy lifting technical stuff so it's gotta **be** a work horse... and trust me, this MacBook Pro truly **is** a work horse! Okay, so Clyde it is :) (and if you're reading this and your name is Clyde... or your DH's name is Clyde... or Clyde is the name of your father, uncle, brother, DBF, DF, BIL, FIL, grandfather, neighbor, co-worker... or even cousin-twice-removed... please know I chose the name because it's a STRONG name... okay? okay. whew, glad we got THAT cleared up! hahaha)

But... I digress {LOL}.

I do the vast majority of my work with Clyde (hey, has a nice ring to it!!). And in changing around my template, adding a poll, etc etc etc everything was looking A-ok for me... in Mac OS-X. So in my (lack of) infinite wisdom, I assumed all was right with the world. Well, yanno what they say happens when you "assume", right? It's true.

Late in the afternoon yesterday Rich mentioned the blog wasn't working right for him. He didn't like the new layout, etc etc etc. I told him he was crazy, it looked fine to me, he was just being "Mr CrankyMan" and blew him off. My mistake. I should have checked. But I was busy... I had to get DJ up and away from NASCAR Qualifying so we could get to the store.... and then we hit another store... and then we hit the bookstore... and then we had to rush home and get ready to meet our friends for dinner... and then we had to socialize for the evening... and then I was pooped. I was really dead-dog tired.

All night it kinda bugged me that Rich was saying the site wasn't acting properly for him. I jumped on DJ's PC (blech!) early this morning to see how the site looked on a PC. And... {insert screetching tires here}... Rich was right. Yes, yes... I know he's reading this so I'll just post it in big ol caps...


hahhah he'll like that :) After discovering that RICH WAS RIGHT I did a mad scramble to fix everything so it looks right on a PC. And it seems to be all better now. But I haven't gone over to Clyde and see how it looks on a MAC. I'll do that after I get this post up. It was important for me to get the site fixed for all of you... and get up my shout-out of appreciation for Rich... before I move on and see how things are for **me**. Yes, I'm self-sacrificing that way... it's all about others first ;-) HAHAHAHAHA

I'm off to do a cupcake run this morning so there will be pics and reviews up later at some point. Be sure to check back cuz I know how drooly y'all get about cupcake stuff ;-) What? You mean you don't get all drooly over cupcake stuff? Well, **I** do and in this case it **is** all about me :)

Thanks for your patience... I'm really sorry my blog was all caddywhampus... and I'm really grateful to my friend Rich for telling me about it (even though I did call him Mr CrankyMan and blow him off completely... sorry dude!).

Happy Happy!