Cupcake Review - Le Paris Bakery & Cafe

Sometimes in life, you just happen upon something really nice when you're not quite looking for it. I think that's what they call "serendipity". And such was my experience today at Le Paris Bakery & Cafe in Valencia, California.

I just happened to be driving along this afternoon and passed by a little bakery that's pretty new. I've seen it a few times and always said I was going to pop in and see what they have to offer... but for one reason or another I usually keep driving... in a rush to get to my destination. But today.... today was different. I consciously decided to slow down, stop, and drop in to see what Le Paris Bakery & Cafe has to offer.

I was pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of baked goods available... and it's a charming place to stop and enjoy a pastry and cup of coffee. While trying to decide what to buy, I spent some time chatting with Adrin - I believe she's the owner. We had a lovely conversation and there's a pleasantness about her that comes from enjoying what you do in life. I've often heard that one should pursue their passions... and find a way to make a living from them. Well, Adrin is passionate about her Parisian baked goods and it shows :)

In the end, I decided on a red-velvet cupcake and a custard filled cream puff. The cream puff was fantastic! I'll pull out one of the few French phrases I know and use it here... c'est si bon! Yes indeed... be impressed that I actually know a French phrase that can be used in polite conversation - it would make my mother proud :) The puff itself was light, slightly sweet and substantial enough to hold the generous portion of custard filling. As you know, I love cream puffs - I've posted about it here. This custard filled cream puff was extremely good and I would most certainly recommend it. In fact I am... I'm recommending it right here!! LOL

The red-velvet cupcake was pretty good but somewhat of a disappointment. The cream cheese icing was very smooth, not overly sweet and had the expected twang that comes from real cream cheese :) The cake itself was moist, rather dense and unfortunately came off as a little bland... really lacking in cocoa flavor. In fact, the cupcake didn't really have much flavor to it at all. When paired with the icing, however, the combination is pretty good :)

If you're in Valencia, pay a visit to Le Paris Bakery & Cafe. Choose from an assortment of pastries... grab a cup of coffee or tea... and hopefully chat with Adrin! I know I'll be going back.

Happy happy :)