Quick-n-Easy Cinna-bites

Ever have a taste for cinnamon rolls but don't feel like going thru the effort of making the dough? Recently that is what I was faced with and came up with a quick & easy way to make something like those cinnaminis you can get at one of the national fast food chains.

I had a tube of crescent roll dough that was edging past the "best used by" date and thought there had to be something I could make with this other than just regular crescent rolls. Considering it was early morning... on a weekend... crescent rolls just didn't sound appealing. I guess I could have put them back in the fridge and waited until later in the day to make them but delay of gratification is not something I'm really known for ;-)

I took the dough and instead of breaking apart at the perforations, I just kept it in the rectangle. Placed some pats of butter on it, evenly space. Sprinkled on a generous portion of brown sugar. Dusted with a generous amount of cinnamon. Grabbed the long side of the rectangular dough... rolled it up not-as-tightly-as-I-should-have... sliced it and placed the slices on end in a tartlett pan coated with Baker's Joy.

Baked at 375F for 11 minutes. Thank heaven I was smart enough to put a big pizza baking sheet on the lower rack because the melted butter spilled over the edges of the tartlett pans and that woulda been a bear to clean off the oven itself! After 11 minutes I turned the oven to HI-BROIL setting to brown them. (I love this shot cuz you can see the blue-hot flame from the broiler element)

Removed from the oven and drizzled some homemade cream cheese frosting over them...

Put them on a nice plate...

... then decided it was too easy to eat the whole thing in one sitting so I separated them apart and voilá we had cinnabites :) In all of about 20 minutes!

This is so quick and so easy... and soooooo yummy!! You gotta make em!

Have a delicious day :)