Yogurt and granola

I'm a creature of habit. If I like something, I can eat it every day. Some people think that's boring, but I don't. I mean if you like it a lot why would you *not* want to eat it every day :) And although I *can* eat the same thing every day, sometimes it's nice to jazz it up a little!

See this here? It's my typical breakfast... a container of Weight Watcher's yogurt with about a tablespoon of granola mixed in. Not terribly exciting, but I like it. I like the different textures; I like the creaminess; I like the crunch; and I like that it isn't high in calories. Now before you get all weirded-out about me choosing a WW brand product, consider the fact that 1) it's $0.54 per carton at my store (as opposed to close to $1ea for other brands) and 2) it's got added fiber which brings down the point count (and fiber is good for ya anyway). 

Like I said, I'm a creature of habit when it comes to certain things. Oh sure, it may take me quite a while to find that one special thing but once I do, I'm happy with it. And then I go thru phases. For a while I ate Honey Nut Cheerios and 1% milk every day. Every. Single. Day. I had to have my Honey Nut Cheerios or I was an unhappy camper. Unless of course the reason I wasn't having my Honey Nut Cheerios is because I was having pancakes. 

Oh-My-Goodness. There are no words to describe just how much I love pancakes and maple syrup. And they don't have to be gourmet, high end pancakes or real Vermont maple syrup. Nope. In a pinch, when they're the only kind available I'm pretty okay with eating microwaveable frozen pancakes topped with store brand imitation maple-flavored syrup. What can I say... I don't have an uber-refined palate :) I have a recipe for Blueberry Mascarpone Pancakes that I've been dying to try. And I can't wait to make them. But... trying to watch my weight (amid all of the cupcake reviewing which is starting to reek havoc between me and the scale) I attempt to be a "good" girl and stick to my current normal daily breakfast of yogurt w/granola. 

Usually I just rip the top off the yogurt, throw a tablespoon of granola in, mix it all together and make a few "nom nom nom" happy noises as I eat at my desk while working. This is convenient. I keep a bag of granola in my desk drawer at work and bring my yogurt in my insulated lunch tote with me to work (along with my Lean Cuisine entree for lunch but that's another story for another day... and probably at some point another post! LOL). But sometimes when I'm home, I like to use a bowl and be all, yanno, civilized-like :) I know... it's hard to imagine... but yeah, I do like to pretend to be a real adult once in a while. Especially when DJ's kids are with us and I'm expected to (yeah, go ahead and laugh now... get it out of your system before continuing to read) SET AN EXAMPLE (hahahaha yup, I understand, it's hard NOT to laugh when thinking of me setting an example for anyone! hahahahahahah).

Whew... okay, now that we're both done clutching and rolling and laughing (as my girl Scarlet likes to say).... let's move on, shall we? :)

While I admit to usually being a common straight-outta-the-container breakfast eater... who sometimes tries to perpetrate as a civilized example-setter... on even more rare of an occasion I like to be downright refined when it comes to eating my yogurt and granola. And such was the case when I snapped the picture below. I even left my lil home-based photo studio (hahahaha yeah, we're clutching and rolling and laughing again, aren't we? hahahahah I sure am!!!) and went out in the backyard to attempt a rather artsy-fartsy shot. I'm actually quite pleased with that picture. Yes indeedy I am! My friend Allison saw it and said "Beautiful! ...looks like it's straight from the pages of Bon Appetit!" Awwww isn't she just the sweetest? (and Allison, if you're reading, the check is in the mail, girlfriend!! mwaaaaah!).

I know everyone's wondering how it's done. I mean just how *do* you make a yogurt granola parfait. Looks complicated doesn't it? So, how about a recipe for my world-famous yogurt and granola parfait? That sounds like a good idea! And I say it's world famous because readers of this blog are located all over the world and I just know you'll be telling your inner circle of close friends about this fantastic recipe. And they'll tell other people too. Soon, the Food Network will get wind of it and offer to let me host my own show... all about, you guessed it, the yogurt granola parfait! ! I know! I know! Amazing, isn't it? See how one little recipe can change your life? ;-)

Em's World Famous Yogurt Granola Parfait

6oz yogurt
3oz granola

Prepare your favorite champagne flute by washing with sudsy dishwashing liquid and water, then drying with a lint free towel

Take 1/4 of the yogurt and spoon it into the prepared champagne flute
Take 1/3 of the of the granola and spoon it over the yogurt layer
repeat, alternating the yogurt and granola until the glass is full