Mixed Berry Cobbler

Before making this recipe, I thought a cobbler was just an upside down pie. But according to Merriam-Webster a cobbler is a deep-dish fruit dessert with a thick top crust. The selected recipe this week for our Tuesdays With Dorie group was the Mixed Berry Cobbler... and I love any opportunity to bake something new from Dorie Greenspan's book Baking From My Home To Yours. This was no exception... and our host, Beth from Our Sweet Life made a nice summertime selection.

My family is not a fan of "mixed berry" anything. But I made a slight alteration to the recipe and instead made an apple-cranberry cobbler. DJ's daughter made a special request for peach cobbler so I made an individual size just for her :)

But... I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start at the beginning...

As I was in the market buying apples, I decided to try a variety called Pink Lady. The name sounded interesting so I thought "why not".

And then check out these peaches... they're Disney peaches! I hadn't actually bought them "on purpose" but when I got home and saw the tags, the fam thought that was pretty neat. DJ's daughter decided to save the peach pit and plant it hoping eventually it would grow a peach tree. Hey, anyone who knows about this sorta thing, please let me know since I know about baking fruit, not growing it ;-)

I peeled and cored the apples, sliced them up, added the requisite spices and mixed in whole bunch of dried cranberries then let the whole thing sit for a while to start making its' own juicy goodness.

Then I started in on making the topping. And I'll letcha know that after reading the recipe, I decide it needed a little "something" to give it some ooompfh! No offense to the baking goddess Dorie Greenspan but I thought the recipe, as written, seemed a little (oh gosh I hate to say this)... dull. I added more sugar and a heaping amount of cinnamon to make the topping just as appealing as the wonderful apple-cranberry mixture it would be covering. Before baking I also topped with a bit of coarse white sparkling sugar to give it some added texture.

During the hour-long baking period, my house smelled ahhh-MAY-zing. Cinnamon... apples... cranberries... peaches... nutmeg... dough... oh my!!! And here's what the baking dish with the finished Apple-Cranberry Cobbler looked like when I took it out of the oven... (and yes, I did bake it in my 3.5qt enamel-on-cast-iron pot {grin} - thanks for noticing!)... along with the individual ramekin of peach cobbler...

At first, I was very upset that my topping was so thick. When I rolled out the dough/crust for the top, I tried to be very aware not to roll it too thin. But I still saw fruit pieces trying to poke thru the top so I thought it was severely too thin and I started piecing together more dough to cover it. As a result, the top was VERY thick and I thought I'd really done it wrong. But when I look at the picture in Dorie's book... and when I read the Merriam-Webster definition that a cobbler has a thick top crust, well, maybe mine wasn't all that far off the mark

Topped with some vanilla ice cream both the peach cobbler and the apple-cranberry cobbler came out deeeeeeeeeeelicious!

Now that you've seen my results, please take a moment to check out the others who also bake Tuesdays With Dorie.

Have a delicious day!