Dorie Greenspan's Chocolate Chip Cookies - REVISITED

Recall from this post here, I have previously made Dorie Greenspan's Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. Just one day ago :) And to show that I do take the comments and emails seriously, I made the recipe... again. And this time I didn't use Hershey's kisses as someone said "hersheys kisses may have caused the cookies to spread too much... (they) probably have hydrogenated fats that are similar to shortening"... I went out and bought... and used... Ghirardeli semi-sweet morsels to see if the previous problem (as someone else said) "was the use of substandard chocolate in this recipe".

So, I used the good stuff and still ended up with ugly cookies. I'm okay with that. At least now I know it wasn't the chocolate. And I'm okay with this recipe not working out because I have a fantastic go-to recipe for chocolate chip cookies. They've never failed me and I'm happy about that. I just wanted to make Dorie's Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe because I love Dorie and her recipes. Not every recipe can be a winner and for me this one just wasn't.

That's okay.

I still love Dorie and her recipes :)

Have a delicious day!