Dorie's Perfect Party Cake - REVISITED

This is my most recent version of Dorie's Perfect Party Cake. It was for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and DJ decided no way was he going to try and order something from a baker since he is fully aware that DPPC is my absolute fave. And he also decided no way was he going to try and make it himself! LOL. So, no worries, I made my own b'day cake for everyone to enjoy!

I first waxed poetic about this recipe in this post here. Quite simply it is probably my favorite of all the recipes in Dorie's book Baking From My Home To Yours. I've made this recipe, usually as cupcakes, more times than I can recall... but I still meticulously follow each of Dorie's steps and it never lets me down. My favorite variation is lemon cake (using buttermilk) with homemade lemon curd filling and shredded coconut all around it (with those lil silver dragees that I love so much! LOL).

Hey, did I ever share with you that you can make lemon curd in the microwave? Yup, shore can! Read this post here for the recipe but trust me, the method definitely works :) :)

Oh and let me not forget to mention that yes I know today is Tuesdays With Dorie but I'm sitting out this week. No Cherry Rhubarb Cobbler happened in my kitchen. Sometimes, things like that just happen.

Anyway, the first time I posted about Dorie's Perfect Party Cake was for the March Daring Baker's challenge. Instantly I fell in love... but my pictures simply didn't do justice to how wonderful this cake actually is. I think now I've rectified that with this post today :) Now when people ask for a recommendation of cake to make, I won't be embarrassed by my pictures :)

I won't bore you with a whole bunch more words today... so... remainder of the post (if you please click thru) is just pictures and more pictures of the cake. If you are looking for the recipe, it's located here in the original post

Have a delicious day :)