Happy Birthday - to me!

Yes... I'm back from a few days of R&R... and it's my birthday :) And look at the lovely gift that was waiting for me when I returned. Yay!!! Courtesy of my mother who I'm sure has no comprehension of what a food processor is or what it does or why you'd ever want one... but she bought it for me just the same. Mom's rule!

Oh and sorry for the "bandwidth exceeded" message on all my pics while I was gone. I guess my little blog is getting more traffic than expected and Photobucket wasn't too happy about it. I dunno how long the problem existed but I don't think it could've been more than a day since I checked while I was gone and it seemed that all was well. But... I've upgraded to a "Pro" account now so we shouldn't have that problem again. Maybe other problems... but not that one ;-)

I'm off to do some more restin' -&- relaxin'... since... well... it IS my birthday and all :) Maybe I'll make a cake... and maybe I'll just relax today and do the cake this weekend. Who knows ;-)

Have a delicious day!