Yum Yum Blog Award!

This is the very first award my little blog has won... and honestly I couldn't be more proud.

A few days ago I posted an entry dedicated to Dorie Greenspan's Perfect Party Cake and received a comment from Teanna over at Spork or Foon which said

"Ummm... wow... pretty amazing! Which is exactly why I gave you a yum yum award! Come on over to my blog to pick it up!"

And do yanno how long it took me to head over to Spork or Foon and pick it up? Yes! Exactly 3.2 - - - nanoseconds! Hahahahaha! That's how excited I was... and still am :) In fact, I posted the following, highly-dorky comment to her blog in response

OMG - I'm so flattered beyond belief! No really, I am! I am! I am!

When's the award ceremony so I can pick this baby up in person? Let's see... we'll probably have to buy plane tickets... DH will have to get his tux cleaned (ha! who am I kidding, he doesn't even own one! so off to the rental place for us LOL)... I'll have to buy a fancy new gown (hey, great excuse to buy a dress, right? LOL)... oooh, gotta get my hair done (any excuse to see my hair-god Nick {wink wink})... and let's not forget the mani/pedi too... oh ... 
this is blog-award... probably no IRL ceremony involved huh?

That's okay-fine by me too cuz this is just seriously incredibly flattering!!!!
(the award's coming in the mail.... right?)


Really, I'm tickled... and pleased.... and most of all I'm appreciative. I'm appreciative that people actually come here, visit my blog, take the time to look at the pictures and read what I have to say. It's always nice to be appreciated... and I appreciate all of you.

Have a delicious day :)