Dorie Greenspan's Peach Upside Downer

A couple of weeks ago the Tuesdays With Dorie group made the Summer Fruit Galette. I bought the peaches at Trader Joe's and while they were significantly more expensive than I'm used to paying, they were among the best tasting peaches I have EVER tasted in my life!!! I've been on a serious peach kick ever since. Toward the end of last week I was in my regular market and found myself (surprise?) drawn to the peaches. But the yellow peaches felt hard... and instead I opted for the white peaches which I thought would be a better move. Eating the first one told me these were nothing like the yellow peaches from TJ's... they lacked sweetness... overall they lacked flavor. So what to do? I didn't want to make a pie or a cobbler... and I couldn't think of anything else... but leave it to Dorie to solve the problem for me!

I turned to Dorie's book Baking From My Home To Yours for inspiration... and once again, Dorie came thru for me. This cake is so versatile... and so very, very good.

In the book, the recipe is for a Cranberry Upside Downer but the side notes indicate how to make it summery by using peaches. Problem solved! I peeled the peaches, sliced them very, very thin with my handy-dandy Kyocera ceramic paring knife (absolutely love love love love LOVE my Kyocera knives - amazingly efficient and comfortable!) and arranged them in a circular fashion atop a layer of melted butter and brown sugar. Made the batter, poured it over the peaches and baked according to the directions. Cooled for just a slight bit and it inverted beautifully on the platter. Topped it with a dollop of freshly whipped cream and a sprig of mint and voila my "what to do with these peaches" dilemma was officially solved thanks to my girl Dorie :)

This really is a great cake... I'm sure it would be fantastic as a traditional pineapple upside downer too. M'mmmm served warm... or cold... it is sooooo good!

Have a delicious day :)