A New Award!!!

Come on... who doesn't like to hear nice things... especially about themselves ;-) I think it's just human, yanno? As a blogger you start out not entirely sure if what you have to say is enough to sustain consistent posting. As a food blogger you have to tackle that and present interesting recipes and attempt to take decent pictures of your food! LOL! This award is the Arte Y Pico award and it's for visual images (that's what I call the "art" contained in my little blog). I received it from Angela at Stressed Out Mum Seeks Inspiration (love that title! LOL) and I'm very flattered by it.

Photography... especially food photography... is something very new for me. I've never taken a class... I know next to nothing... and honestly think I just get very lucky on any of my shots that come out "good". But I love photographing food and it was one of the main drivers in my decision to enter the blogosphere 6 months ago.

I want my blog to present approachable recipes... things pretty much anyone could make with a reasonable amount of success. I'm not a professional... I have no training... I didn't grow up in the kitchen. I bought a KitchenAid stand mixer last December and it literally transformed my life. Sure, I cook quite often but I bake all the time. That's my true passion - baked goods! What can I say? LOL! There's a pastry-chef inside of me that's continually screaming to escape the confines of my software development real-life ;-)

Food photography excites me in a way that few other things actually do. And I like to put up a lot of pictures of a recipe... not just one shot from one angle. The recent Daring Bakers recipe for July that was posted here was quite a challenge and I ended up taking over 200 shots of all the different steps along the way. Initially it came off as a very complicated recipe that, when deconstructed, was not really that difficult. I wanted to compose a post that showed the process of how it's done... so those of you who actually come here and read my little blog... would feel like "hey, I could actually DO that". Okay granted maybe you wouldn't wanna do it, but you'd feel like you could do it :)

I'm not one who'll buy you dinner every night... I'd rather teach you to fish so that you can make your own dinner whenever you're hungry. At work, I'm big on knowledge transfer... I'm not one to selfishly wrap my arms around what I know and scream "Mine! Mine! Mine"... I'm glad to teach someone else how to do anything and everything I know. It makes me happy to see someone that I've helped along the way actually go out and achieve on their own. Makes me very happy indeed. So when people read my blog and try some of the recipes or techniques... and email or comment to let me know... it just rocks my world. There's nothing at all impressive about me or what I do... if I can do something, really, anyone can do it.

I hope all the pictures I put up here on this little blog are helpful to you in some way. Notice I didn't say "each" of the pictures since I totally realize that not every single one of them is a "great shot" hahahahaha. I could put up more pictures... I could put up less pictures... I could put up no pictures at all. But a food blog needs pictures if you ask me... and I'm really very flattered that Angela thought my food pictures were worthy of the Arte y Pico award - Thanks Angela :)

Have a delicious day!!!