Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

M'mmmm don't these look good? Yes indeed they do! Not only do they look good, they taste phenomenal and make your whole house smell incredible while they're baking. What a crazy week this has been. I've baked so many different things and I'm totally behind in sharing them... but I'd like to begin correcting that right this instant :) Not many of you know this but Alton Brown is my boyfriend. Yes yes, I know, I'm married. And married women are not supposed to have boyfriends. But Alton Brown is spayshul... I watch his show Good Eats on the Food Network and just go positively mushy over him. He's entertaining, he's funny, he's got some great recipes... and he's smart as can be.

If you've never seen his show, Good Eats, I highly recommend it. I've learned so much about the "why" behind food and recipes that I can almost, kinda sorta, maybe, perhaps, sometimes come close to sounding like I know a thing or two when I'm having a food- or cooking-related conversation. And I have my boyfriend to thank for that :) I've bought two of Alton's books as well... they're both on the right hand sidebar of my blog. He's not drop-dead gorgeous... but he's got a little geeky-nerd-boy thing goin on that appeals to me. Hey, what can I say... I graduated from engineering school and during all those years of study I was surrounded by the geeky-nerd-boys. Certainly not all of them do it for me (ever caught an episode of Big Bang Theory on CBS? LOL!!!) but the ones with personality and a great sense of humor usually catch my attention... and that, folks, pretty much describes my boyfriend Alton ;-)

The recipe can be found here and while I won't lie and tell you they're quick and easy, I will tell you the results are pretty much worth it... if you've got the time. You'll use up a few bowls and make a bit of a mess in the kitchen... but your friends and family will love you for it -uhm... that is unless you devour them all yourself! LOL. If you're thinking about serving these for tomorrow morning's breakfast... get started now. My boyfriend Alton named these OVERNIGHT Cinnamon Rolls for a reason!!!

Have a delicious day :)