Lemon Squares - again

The other day on the way home from work I was thinking of what to make that night. I wanted something sweet... but still light. And I've recently made a lot of chocolate stuff so I decided on Lemon Squares. Oh sure, I've made them before but this was a different recipe so I thought I'd give it a try. In all honesty I was thinking of a completely different title for this post... something along the lines of "anatomy of a bad lemon square" because that's what this really turned out to be.

I searched the internet for something that might rock my world - something that would be the End-all, Do-all, Be-all of lemon squares. I settled on a recipe from CI/ATK since they have such a great reputation. Yeah, well, reputation and a $5 bill will get me a cuppa coffee at Starbucks... that's about it. And I'd love to share the recipe here but after all the grief that this blogger got, hell, I'll just refrain from posting any recipe of theirs... regardless of how crappy I felt this one turned out to be even when I followed said recipe to the T.

Everything seemed fine during the prep... and even during the baking... but they just didn't come together well. After about a day, the lemon filling started separating from the shortbread crust :( I wanted to like these... really... I wanted to. And they weren't horrible... they weren't awful... and they didn't get binned... but they weren't very good. And I definitely won't make them again.

If you're really interested in the recipe, I'm sure you can google search and find it like I did. In the mean time, if you've got a really good recipe for killer, End-all, Do-all and Be-all lemon squares, please, please pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top share it with me :) I would be ever so appreciative if you would!!!

Have a delicious day :)