Honey Yeast Rolls

These are pretty much your basic dinner rolls... but the addition of honey in the dough and a brush of warm honey butter on top turns these into something that's absatively irresistable!!! My family devoured them in record time... and I bet yours will too :)

I found the recipe on the blog ...a cookie a day and it has instructions for either hand kneading or using a bread machine. I haven't seen my bread machine since I moved back to SoCal from the Washington DC area... and I'm far too lazy to made bread by hand so I let my dear Lola do all the work. She's always happy to do the heavy lifting... and I'm always happy to let her. Lola and I have a great relationship that way - she never lets me down :)

Until recently I had a real fear of yeast. I was afraid I would do something wrong and it just wouldn't work out right. I'll admit, yeast can be tricky... but I've gotten over my fear in part thanks to my boyfriend Alton Brown (back away, ladies, he's mine!!! bwaaaaaaahahahaha). In his "Flat is Beautiful" episode of Good Eats, Alton explains it this way:
Alton Brown: dough gets its rise from the gas produced by billions and billions of unicellular fungi called ' yeast' that chomp down on the sugar in flour-based doughs. Have a look. They are real pigs. And once their little feeding frenzy is over ...
Yeast: [belching sounds]
Alton Brown:... that's right. Yeast belch makes bread rise.

I just love that nerd-man :) So there you have it, a deconstructed explanation of the role yeast plays in making bread :)

This recipe uses honey as the "food" for the yeast but it doesn't get added right away so contrary to following the recipe to the exact letter, I added about 1/8t sugar to the warm water for the yeast. This gives the lil fun-guys (get it.. fungi... fun-guy... I love that one! hahahahaha) something to start munching on right away so they can start burping quickly. In my experience, and this only goes for me, I've found that when I add even a tiny amount of sugar to the water, the yeast develop better than when I add none. That's my little trick, not saying it's anything scientific or special.

Once you're done with all the mixing and needing and letting it rise, separate out your dough by weight, roll into balls and let them rise again before baking in the oven. Only take a quick peek at the above photo... okay....?.... cuz the rolls are nekkid ;-) But they're in the oven and making your house smell M'mmm M'mmm Good. There's just something about the smell of baking bread that is so warm and inviting. Very comforting to me :)

After about 5 minutes in the oven, brush with some honey butter and they'll be beautifully browned with a touch of sweetness. I think that's the part that makes them even more irresistible than your average dinner rolls. But you could certainly omit the honey on top if that's more to your liking.

The full recipe can be found on ...a cookie a day. If you visit and make these heavenly rolls (which I certainly hope you do), please tell her Em sent you!

Have a delicious day!